Narrative : the journey of searching for a child – Gazan clarity – Iraq


I stood curve of the length of waiting near the fence Dar Mukhtar Mahltna old was graduated from the top wall olive tree senescent and I was trying to Akhbay my head heavy ideas crashing in some shade, which was Mtlashiya not stay leaves of the tree in its branches have received such arrogance and yellowing took أتلاعب look back and I look at the neighborhoods of the village I was trying to gather as much as possible from memories that محتها a dimension years
And attempts to socialize with people differ ذاكراتهم the ring she sometimes be for discussion was the face of the waiter carrying some tan? I guess he had an Indian sweat and at other times be for the eyes of Maria owner of the store and how I became this magnitude Voctavha cover Showing successor of wine. Keep in surprised fragile this year and the years have made us lose our memories shop village who were playing in the courtyard of confrontation and whom we were when tired we meet him to buy candy and the Psalms, which was upset mom or joy the arrival of baby girl’s neighbor which was like Female after six of the boys or the viscosity of the mud and straw my hands and I throw it here and there while my father was fit our room mud after a rainy day. The patches close Jfinu where he was disturbed by delirium heat rising from the roof of my nose I heard the hum chosen beside me was preceded me smoke cigarette heavy and I think it’s one of those who were friends of my grandfather and the last of whom he did not recognize where I climbed a lot of stairs I have lost a lot of the features of my childhood and I took caused for my father, but he almost my ear when I realized that he heard laughing and stayed caused by loud have not got used to speak in the itinerant and voice was strange about me and if I hear others barely introduced me after a moment attracted me a tear that Dzit view Ohadabh and trembling his outlook. Thank Mokhtar our village what you do I need and grandmother.

Gazan fineness