Hair : three wet Poems – Saadi Youssef – Iraq


Collects rainfall in January … all
year long waiting for the city drop, and groans.Seems turf brown and blue in the evening.
At mosques will Tstsaga the prayer petrels. Do you come to us Kairouan heavy Baqaht
and the history? We are here coasts, sweat went: Ogariqh, and Roman, Amazigh …
here, in the temple collapsed, night Shining fireflies, we: Horiaatna the laugh
in bath, Istjlnna.
collects rain in December …

Corniche, hunters have not bowed their foreheads to the influence of adversity, a few boys wandered
with the girls. In Corniche memory or messages. The booth sundae sheltering wind.
we will be, in the singer, here!
“Alrutund” hardwired, are the Corniche and the sea, primarily without the Crown, and the state without th.
“The Nabeul” refuge by the sea,
“Nabel” pay-Saharan them, and harm …
coalesce rain in December … the
market was open, and the restaurant was popular (Blaba and Tunisian dish) desolated. Is hunger
starlings. No tourists. No ghosts. Sometimes one wishes to listen to what is not heard ….
you Saliha here? سأسير in the market. Shops small Mthaglat. Born rears told me to live:
The goods Kassadot. No customers.
“Nabeul”, Kalnsoh the the Greeks, تهجع the waiting sea …
come tomorrow?
Collects rain in December …
London 06.01.2008
* Nabeul (Neapolis Greek,) Tunisian port of Cap Bon.
Atlantic winds come Atlantic winds has جلبن water carried by thousands of tanks that dyed-colored clouds … represent a bevy bird came from Africa and the wild rabbit traps; represent inattention, and happiness is not found a foothold in the bush course to sarin at night …

Wind and slow
even though the clouds weigh Dare and
then enters in the garden …
The flowers (Geranyum) touch it, and drink its water fresh,
spiders are still evaluated, confident, fisheries
and lies …
Wind and slow
what would happen if I took my staff, after a minute,
and abandoned what I’m in it
a springboard to what I do not know?
everything in the universe travels:
the planets, and snakes, and foxes, frogs, and Starlings
wolves, earthworm, beetles, roots, flower
poppy, dead, autumn leaves, and
I now apple seed strode my step first
wind and slow
and Asai moving me to what I do not know …
London 30/09/2006
Poem wet for three days and three nights, silent rain shadow enters the skin, apply in the blood, even wet aluminum frame and nearing the picture - a mountain stream – to sink. The grass tends batters, was dripped. The room cool. Neither voice nor a woman. And the room is cool rally Bzarktha and sleep. sprout flowers carpet Bosniaks wide. Light atomic sprinkle on dust gold flowers. Leaves falling from the ceiling of the room eggs. And the wind knock on the net. Rain Silent utter. Water in the mirror, waterproof series in the eyes.

London 01/09/2007
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