Hair : Batoul man – Khaled Khashan – Iraq

… From below the navel
winter melts without a woman
and Wheeling desires
in green boat
to the other bank of the
longest arms
raises the days of isolation
and alone Kalshok the



Bloody lips mature
covered in eagerly curious
… from below the navel
did not in this light
before the arrival of your fingers
, O thirst I
listen to you often
stand to Okrrk
and then drop into the palms of
star single
but taken towards the sea
under the eyes of the windows
of our souls
in your name holy mandate women
mandate – Rib rectum
اكشفي the mystery permanence
here we are the sons of the tide
tossed us
at the threshold of your gardens thirst
disclose in front of your eyes
for (_khasana) eaten by rust
… from below the navel
than a year of summer
at the age of loser
Grow repeatedly in the leg responded
to a woman speeding passed
from behind the glass coffee shop
. .. from below the navel
in the first spring me
and another fall to them
wiped Bdmuahm Sami
but the man الوجل
with fingers green
stands like you have a single
Go down now
and without a history longing
and the unity of man
and the star that Gadertk
last night
before fading Word mail
and before that embraces the
boats losing another
. .. from below the navel
is a
high desire to ascend
high forehead
and distraught stands
in front of a wall
black Commandments
Grow over
and Otcather
from behind all the things a
failed dream