Civilizations : the roots of Sumerian art – Dr Hussein Hilali – Iraq


If the engine was the first Iraqi art old is sanctifying the artist was to confer on its anointed of fantasy and dread and strangeness, can not be given an explanation of certain or application of the method of the methods on them, so it was time immemorial in the foot hide her art hidden difficult to find a way to know the evolution of so The art historian, who was not able to be drawn up in style, has taken rebounding to conditions discovered when it determines its history. If Artdhana the existence of small figurines and dolls as imposed by the reality of its existence in our hands after it had been sleeping in the depths of the archaeological layers of the Sumerian cities, we find it strange shapes and actually has nothing to do with anything, and more forms with fabulously continued and industry naive

, Similar shapes that are found in civilizations mixed, with this they have originality and belonging to the era in which I found it, and do not come out artist those times for a look sanctification carried by and desired by the individuals of his contemporaries and those who associated with him in sanctification and the fear of something unknown, give him an explanation selected. Whenever getting statues complex and ending gender-Kharafi be reassuring more when the artist because through intricately about this unknown, so we see the expression takes a wide range of freedom to work and there is nothing specific imposes upon to change his style, delete or add something to it is issued by the conviction. I came manufacture dolls, crockery, pottery, specifically the freedom of the artist Automatic what these potteries of recipe engineering in terms of design and features in a manner one, imposed by the need and taste at home Sumerian has been demonstrated that choice in the highest image by choosing cups and mugs Golden Queen (Bobby – Abe – شبعاد) in the era of strain the third I’ve created this artist flow through the horizons of freedom, most of the statues that were adopted for the gods and goddess of fertility and the goddess of snakes. has paved the current free to the emergence of forms of human widely possesses the attributes and features rarely found in the methods of modern sculpture her immediate action in the extremities, face and Verification the status of expression makes us not move away from the artist dolls first which confined its attention in this direction, formulas act is still, however, the artist and which gives him independence and limit its tender continuous which exempt from agriculture in the configuration I also make sure the historical sources, we’ve given him the prospects of freedom to reach Subsequent evolving business (such as Aleppo Idol), which still has a recipe and strange dream and not to approach the similarities and compliance with the visual world. The approach of these statues of such humanity make them more aware of its existence and closer understanding of some of the details, but absent in the mystery of big eyes impending dimension of infinity and highlighted by the artist and Mesopotamia became a feature of art Sumerian and especially in the devotees who Establish the position sends dread frightening case of worship , and no matter what the artist is trying to distance Pettmathilh on the status of human normal and shave in the world of the unknown in the freedom of self granted to him, but the statues of deities and المعبودين not allowed to approach the human world, but what created the situation expressive urgency, for example, statues of the god Abu) in (third millennium BC), that all the sculptures stripped statues of what rights, is (style intended by the artist to distance statues all described humans and closer to the described divinity is also believed that, so has the eyes of the bones and bitumen are attributes inherited from generations of artists The picture via historical strains of Sumerian and although we do not know about the industry statues in the previous era of Somrien but do not know the names of the artists who have done dolls, figurines and pottery, but when we find that there are things high presence and made meticulously, we must say, and say for sure that there are great artists have sap their thoughts, and were given This business of the fertile imagination brilliant bit much even appeared. acting as creative and has become an art of Mesopotamia right