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Hair : Iraq – Adnan al-Sayegh

Iraq, which away
whenever widened the in exile footsteps
and Iraq, which Atid


Whenever opened up to half of the window ..
I said: Ah
, Iraq who shudder
whenever passed under
I imagined nozzle Ttrsdna the,
or Mtah
and Iraq, which we miss
half the songs and history .. eyeliner
and a half tyrants


the station – Mohammed Alwan Jabr – Iraq

waited until complete sentence, and preoccupied with monitoring the fan that rotates
slowly, refereed standing near the window and face it and he finished ..
- Three hours تسيرين, continuous will pray to the beginning of the aggregates packed the streets.
absorbed the tattered and stayed sentence on silence which monitors the fan


- It revolves …
echoed with itself as interpreted sound emitted from Gyro Batyellmrouhh
- they’re marching relentlessly .. Waves new governing the waves .. and billowing dust.
did not comment, but increased her sense of بالوحشة is watching her husband, who Tkhcb in front of the window, his face almost touching the glass, he exclaims, since this morning, shouting, and Hanmalaijd attention from his wife dims his voice, but he Aitoagaf talking with himself even It يخاطبها, whenever requested to close the window go carelessly spin in the corners of the big house like you do not hear his request …
- they’re leaving …
have already heard this phrase dozens of times, but does not want to know Mayaqubha of ambiguous signals, they learn that it is difficult to leave one “Where else can you go aggregates is talking about” …
- street يرتج under their feet .. The land flattens and dust billowing white clouds as … Laughter, “as in the films” ran a voice radio فتصاعد the button Mmtoot added effort tried to Aazarh the front ..
- Aanthun .. The same scene .. The same scene, repeated …
- approached the window and grabbed a newspaper, sip a bit of water and spit on the glass and began to wipe the window glass and slowly emitted from friction Gazette glass sound like a howl,
turned off the radio, and continued to scan the glass window Gazette
- All songs are similar ..
echoed with himself as he continues strongly without scanning hear “like this” …. She shook her head as if I remembered something Mazihh the howling sound emitted from friction paper glass-Gazette, mixed with a man’s voice and sound boring and monotonous rising from the fan. I wiped her hand a picture of a little girl in bib school placed on the table, and continued to scan the image, and the eyes Sahmtin checked the girl’s face, standing among a group trees overlapping girl’s body obscures a large part of the iron gate wide open behind her, focused leeway small offered by opening up a little of the gate where it appears trunk of a giant palm tree, and began to hear the voices of Zizan and نقيق frogs on the land of soft and escalated to her nose smell of grass dew, the surface is Mdauka little under Zjajtha dusty, reached out and tapped into the part that shows through the gate to the trunk Giant, was stance shows her left hand advanced on hand right, focused on the place who hemmed hour by large borrowed from her father ….
- (for Abe’s ..)
laughed and disarm time of his wrist and helped install them in her hand, took her picture, and asked her to keep it in her hand, her day handle of her hand and crossed the street in front of the house, a bitter shops sell bags and shops, bought her an hour, colorful and green grass heavy corresponds fence station, asked her to stand and picked up her pictures again, was holding the hands of her father, a تطالع shops and crowded streets and shops that sell flowers bags, and when standing somewhere reached by the smell of fingers before the sound perceived continuous issued by touching kind of _khasladtha reliefs and after ينتهيا of their tour daily slip her hand from the hand of her father and running around the park, it was every time arrive where near the door to do this, as it stands near the trunk Giant Palm, almost that plastered her body lean by focusing her eyes on the ground in front of where the paints under the Palm Safadtha form Hlamia overshadowing the shade small for her body adjacent to the trunk Vttdakhal shadows, shadow remained Palm and keep watching the shapes gels overlapping looking for other forms bigger or smaller overlap sometimes or separated another time. Aware of the time it’s part of the assets of small under the sun where deliberately put shades _khasladtha under the Savat driven by the wind and regain that smell gross those fingers that were Thompsd her head up and down ‘and dance Savat ups and downs Wesery in her body numb delicious makes them forget themselves For hours, he was able to see and parked near Palm to be seen ghosts humanitarian coalesce amid smoke Chartreuse, something that looks like a jungle black, and borders the forest was highlights the specter of a brutal for the girl and the Palm and two Mtouhdan and appear from the four corners of the plate vision, where she was going a cut garden right to left and _khasladtha the rush in front of and behind the rhythm draw footsteps calculated. Before the night falls, moved pixels between the window and corridors of the house, a wish to shake her nightmare fan and yelling, which began overshadowing everything, I heard her husband asked her to come to see, moved pixels even stood proximity, and could not see the street clearly, as she was clouds of Gbarttsaad quickly Maanakecat and the street in front of a finger seemed empty and did not interrupt sleep, but the sound that I got used to hearing …
- they’re entangled around the station ….
There was a strange silence when he caught a glimpse of a man driving a little girl from her hand and they go slowly, little girl raised her hand to Somewhere in the sky, looked to the sky and did not see anything, but I heard the roar of aircraft mounts and gradually dims, said her husband, a focused view somewhere in the sky ..
- … aircraft,
the girl said to her father, pointing her finger toward the sky, “It’s a small father,”
said the man after he realized that his daughter also saw the plane as he sees it
- it’s a great plane, but when he flies up to somewhere in the sky we see a small
girl … continued as if you do not hear the words of her father … “It is small and red ..” The
Silence of the Father , the girl wiped her eyes and removed the lock of her hair was dense wind Tdaabha and extends Zaabadtha and her micro ring and continued “- why is Abe red”
- it’s not a red .. Perhaps it is a white or any other color except red.
- So …?
- مانراه is the reflection of the sun on her body.
- So are small and red ….
- maybe …..
I do Father متبرما the the over her insistence, the girl continued
- long as it is so small .. Vsoarichha too small ..
- Yes ..
- as well as is the case with the pilot, he is a dwarf half that size, and pointed to the small finger
- yes … He added .. ”Maybe,” ..
- as long as he midget, how can that sees something of her window?
said Father: Maybe put something on the seat.
- Abe, you put a pillow underneath?
- perhaps several cushions.
- Abe, why recite the plane in red once yellow visits Other
- ………
silence of the father as well as the girl child, Sara River in the street, which he finished them, but Father added Bhmanmh the like same happens “once again tell you, it’s the colors of the sun reflected on the White Sfihaa”
- Is it white ….?
answered her father, but not merely in view of the windows of houses that surround the street, pull out the hand of his daughter and head toward the giant tree surrounded by a fence shade the house, which was in front of him.
- Abe, this giant tree …
her eyes were Tracban tree holes in the fence She added
- but a big … But can not any giant that encircles the trunk with his hands
- for … And Father horizon, but silence when she met eyes with my own eyes a window, pull the girl’s hand when he saw the open window and went faltering steps and stood under the window licked his hand girl’s hair. Man began the window lift up his eyes to heaven whenever they above the hype, man on the street lifted up his eyes toward the sky, the two men continued each of its points, began to disappear into the gray sky.
- Hello ….
- ÇĺáÇ …..
silence the two men for a moment, then began man window words
- Mamatfl in the desolate street ..? Continued to man in the street scanning head little girl did not have …
- Are you weird?
guy was staring at the garden house, which did not succeed fence the small limited to withhold Mabdakhalha and answered quietly
- I’ll wait for a train.
was the girl’s contribution staring behind the mat, her eyes Taatnqlan quickly one place to another. Escaped her hand and went toward the park, and stood near the iron gate that was closed …
- Learn all the alleys, houses and gardens .. Even trees that were planted here and there I knew and pointed his hand toward the other side, which corresponds to the home, did not turn a window to him was watching the girl, wander in the garden.
- there was a huge tree correspond to the station and pointed out again into space, which offset … he added. .
- and around the forest of giant trees and mud houses surrounded by walls like these … He pointed his hand toward the garden and the house locked gate and said softly, “and the whole beautiful river penetrate.” Was a man of the window is busy monitoring the girl, messing with soil garden that abandoned him and his wife a long time ago did not do something to fence الحصران which eroded and overlapped with clumps of wild plants, and did not pay attention to the man on the street which extends his head through the window to see Mabdakhal home.
- Abe … ..
I cried the girl in horror, watch men and rushed towards it, ran a window passable corridor opaque and open the iron gate found himself the center of the park and the night has been published curtain drapes, search amid the darkness for the girl, did not find her impact, watched the walls of the garden Alhsaria, in search of impact the movement of the middle of the night, it was الحصران flimsy and the wind messing with it and there are a lot of gaps brought about by cats and rats and rain, and behind the fence where the window close look search for the man and did not find his impact, he heard a buzz in the side away from the fence, turn Kalmhmoum towards the place where the The man was standing it did not find one heard banging coming from far away and there are lights dimmed make their curtain night., when he returned to the room, to avoid that stands behind the window, he sat down on the couch, approached the woman from him, was silent as usual, but when I saw her husband absent-mindedly asked:
- Mapk …?
wince from the sound that I feel that he gets from a remote location
- nothing, but added, “.. came out a bit soon as I heard the cry of the child ….
- any girl ..?
- was screaming Kalmldog …
- .. …………..
- As soon as I arrived I did not find her impact, looked it up on the street … even the man who was telling me … is the other disappeared
- no … man ..?
Warning to ask her out from Chrodh but continued “… Tell me about the station and palm and legislating Doors and mud houses .. The river runs through the city ….
- any man?
- Saktna the fire of his eyes and relax calm in the face expressions ..He was not a stranger, and knows this city street by street and beta beta, I believe he told me about the station and said he was waiting for a train .. But as soon as the child screamed with embossed some strands on her forehead, I believe .. I saw him and I and the girl child a strange plane penetrates the space above the city and the sun reflect its rays Sfihaa the triggering surprise of the girl child, and asked the man .. Questions “hysteria laughed” .. Thousand question ..Why is it red? .. Why are colorful ..? Why is it yellow? Is it white ..And man patiently يجيبها .. Abe Why are small “and continued to laugh until he began coughing” .. Abe Is that the pilot dwarf ..? So that he can .. Thus, the man answers .. I asked for everything.
there was a period of silence cut man cough .. And women متخشبة the front window watching the sky and the street, where the colored part of the giant trunk .. Continued the man after he calmed bout cough “told me before the screaming child on a compass point to one direction .. runs indicators about the same place, both fell from the sky or emitted from the depths of the earth .. They are referring to the same place together with a concussion, and the escalation of odors, as well as an uproar both heard or not they sneak us without bothering us .. It كالمحطات for trains .. trains Ttrakd towards it, standing still receives or deposited.
search for water cup, which he used to put it on the table in front of him and drank a little bit. “He once got him I did not find him an impact as well as the girl who saw her enter the garden fence with my own eyes the two.
spare Astrsalh voice forces raided the place strongly, and before he does anything, Shake sleep when a sharp echoed in the corners and walls for a moment before he spread a curtain of dust made ​​man coughing, and shook the house Panevjarakhar was tougher than predecessor, the search for the woman and her grandfather attached to the wall, approached them and annexed it after that the Qrvs it, but when I heard another explosion buried her head in his chest and continued to pressure, was clearly heard mixing انفاسهما with تأوهات known source .. Did not protest when he put his head on her neck and touch their lips bright soft skin of her neck .. I tried to speak, but to prevent his body when the pressure on her body if he wanted to penetrate in certain places, and his fingers were patting her shoulder ..
- …. station
echoed the call of the times .. Shaking her head
- you can have a train ..?
- You know that to Aqtarat come here to
watch the flow of tears flowed from eyes Almtsaúlten, and raise fingers Nhoheme the like wants to prevent the tears from flowing …..
- years ago dear, did not enter This abandoned train station.
crumbled to Asmallma sounds outside night on the city’s skyline commentator ..
- it’s very close ..
- probably near the wall .. Or along the window
was uproar escalate .. Arhv hearing and continued to speak and his lips Tnfthan زفيرا flowing hot on her neck like water is getting hotter with every word out of his mouth.
- it sounds hammers and pulls heavy things on the ground
- this ado? He did not want to move, remained glued to it and said ….
- maybe they’re setting up tents.
- Where?
- off the window .. They are waiting for something.
- Why off the window?
- because it is the place meant what was called a long time ago the station platform only in this place.
said. “Because Our ​​stop is the latest they are like ground groove boundaries and قطاراتها and drawing his hand circle around the window … it was There is fog White has solved فحجب them visibility more than he does the night, and did not settles, but remained surrounded the house like something solid and gradually rose slowly Kstaúr windows giant and now believes she and her husband Abralnavzh trees and bush garden يملأن earth, earthy colors and are surrounded by screaming emitted from the street meat around the house .

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