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The Tyre

Just how it came to rest where it rested,
miles out, miles from the last farmhouse even,
was a fair question. Dropped by hurricane
or aeroplane perhaps for some reason,
put down as a cairn or marker, then lost.
Tractor-size, six or seven feet across,
it was sloughed, unconscious, warm to the touch,
its gashed, rhinoceros, sea-lion skin
nursing a gallon of rain in its gut.
Lashed to the planet with grasses and roots,
it had to be cut. Stood up it was drunk
or slugged, wanted nothing more than to slump,
to spiral back to its circle of sleep,
dream another year in its nest of peat.
We bullied it over the moor, drove it,
pushed from the back or turned it from the side,
unspooling a thread in the shape and form
of its tread, in its length, and in its line,
rolled its weight through broken walls, felt the shock
when it met with stones, guided its sleepwalk
down to meadows, fields, onto level ground.
There and then we were one connected thing,
five of us, all hands steering a tall ship
or one hand fingering a coin or ring.

Once on the road it picked up pace, free-wheeled,
then moved up through the gears, and wouldn’t give
to shoulder-charges, kicks; resisted force
until to tangle with it would have been
to test bone against engine or machine,
to be dragged in, broken, thrown out again
minus a limb. So we let the thing go,
leaning into the bends and corners,
balanced and centred, riding the camber,
carried away with its own momentum.
We pictured an incident up ahead:
life carved open, gardens in half, parted,
a man on a motorbike taken down,
a phone-box upended, children erased,
police and an ambulance in attendance,
scuff-marks and the smell of broken rubber,
the tyre itself embedded in a house
or lying in a gutter, playing dead.

But down in the village the tyre was gone,
and not just gone but unseen and unheard of,
not curled like a cat in the graveyard, not
cornered in the playground like a reptile,
or found and kept like a giant fossil.
Not there or anywhere. No trace. Thin air.

Being more in tune with the feel of things
than science and facts, we knew that the tyre
had travelled too fast for its size and mass,
and broken through some barrier of speed,
outrun the act of being driven, steered,
and at that moment gone beyond itself
towards some other sphere, and disappeared.

Literary criticism: the poem interactive digital and interactive cultural criticism / d Amjad Hameed Al-Tamimi

knowledge of diverse origins, to Onth colors, and inspired by the secrets of maturity, and the characteristics of their successes, but تفرعاته remained retain some of the advantages that you do not leave characteristic originality, in a world gaining the civilizations of some practices and phenomena and techniques of many, through positive dialogue, and live interactive exchange, this activates the human intellect in a comprehensive Cosmic Voyage, seeded in the fertile land in which they solve, do creative, we find what dislikes and dazzling, in multiple areas, begins and ends, including, but in the forefront: Literature and Criticism


The literature and criticism – together – great importance in the transfer of thought and culture, with two of the contact slides educated effective in any society, they are progressing circuit appearing when you talk about any ideology or culture in a society, they مظهران are present for the product humanitarian feat creative, Tgdama Ikhbran More creative ability, and awareness of the perceived, whenever summoned, though the correlation between them is necessary so that it can not be questioned, no secret previously literature, as cash process subsequent to him, and so when being Adib what an update creative in Arabic poem, for example, the cash will pursue this update, But when the update, in particular, and privacy are not limited to the text and its structure of the Interior, but include an introduction, and the process of receiving, the cash must be enjoyed particularity occasion as well, and while the poem of the Masrtha for the present to be available on a number of technologies, including literary known , including the manner of delivery to the recipient, including up to grant the right to interact with the receiver to take emotions into account in the atmosphere of the poem, … Then we must have cash equivalent to those specifications to meet the need of aesthetic detection and analysis required him sober.

All this I offer to talk about the experience literary advanced, that I have seen, which Dr. (Mushtaq Abbas Ma’an) Introducing (poem interactive digital), and recorded the lead in submission Arab world, an experience not characterized by leadership, but also characterized by bold, and, contemporary, But I am talking about the descriptive way first and then give my opinion about them:

Poem based technology blog Digital in terms of design icons, and a mechanism to deal with, and that needs to be received via computer, offering loaded on a CD-ROM, and appear to the recipient facade first find that there are two ways to gain access to the poem that Labelling writer known as: (تباريح digital biography some are blue), the former is a vertical line on the right, representing Boikontin, carrying both the phrase (Click on the involvement of revealing), and each of them carrying the receiver to my hair Inmaz the option Bbouh particular, through the stanza is reached interface that shown by clicking on one of Aloikontin , is that the text next is not necessarily the latter, it refers to other texts, including shows for the recipient of icons bearing phrases created on according to what is expected from the receiver of emotions towards the previous text, the Vertical Road in the facade President contains five icons row vertical reading sequentially : (I realized that, bitter melon, death, red), and while passing Index computer on each icon, looked forward automatically – including all computer from the mechanism of the definition and explanation – along word script, The total words shows text poetically, each of which is top of the text of my hair Last reached successively move the cursor on each one, and all the text up to the receiver expresses him about obsession or answer his questions assumed according انفعاله expected to interact with it via underline digital technician.
The poet (Nas) has hired – as well as texts المتوالدة from each choosing the recipient unreacted – Lattice color (color backgrounds, colors and letters, colors and paintings, and adding paintings of the value of graphical influential towards the impact of the text), and poetry audio (songs, which is a hair leads with the music, and instrumental music accompanying the display of text), lattice blocks speaking (icons, sculptures, ceramics, blocks and art that show images in front of the receiver, accompanied by texts), as employed poetic irony (what reveals tape advertising moving decisions and news increases concern the receiver and motivated about the need to interact with texts toward one of the options shown by icons), It is obvious that holds the tape advertising impact at the same receiver brought from his original screen news, for example culture (URGENT … Urgent ..), and what they worry and anticipation and excitement, and it was hiring the most prominent is the use of technology, digital make computer the only way to receive hair, which requires practical experience in the field of digital programming, and versatile in the methods of display interfaces and methods of the sequence of icons which in line with the effects audio and video, as well as for the accuracy of choice with regard to blocks colorimetric Kallohat, slabs carved, and ceramics, and other productions artistic expressions of revealing, which is fit for attribution did text in the receiver and the promotion انفعاله and its interaction with him.
This poem employs cultural practices different that may be affiliated to the environments and different philosophies, have what distinguishes it from some of the jewels and manifestations, but they retain a tongue unified written text, a tongue Arab outlined , although the effects of audiovisual selected is universal in its creativity and its inception, the Aalmtha based on the participants humanitarian cultural traded globally, allow itself to attend neighborhood reactive, and interactive that characterize make them a text loved, the recipient can to meet – through it – he needs in the collapse of feelings and emotions , and all I had to click on the icon of choice in order to find continuity subconsciously between him and the poet / Nas, the recipient Btaatbah splash after another, until the end to choose the end of the poem itself (in terms of time, emotion, and subject), or that goes on in tracking مقاطعها, going on in the rings, which chooses its article himself.
The emergence of (the poem interactive digital) is not characterized by bold and cutting-edge only, but the emergence of declaring a clear challenge to critics existing one hand, and curricula modern literary criticism on the other hand, it is a poem can not simply saying it contentious, as it should non-delivery as descriptions impossible fired haphazardly above forms updated texts though said to be (a poem resound on cash) or she (above criticism), then hit the deficit is unjustified, and hit from repeating the mistakes of the recent past, without adding interest to the scenes literary and critical, but what can be said with confidence is that this new text requires an approach cash surety dealing with secrets, multi-source and resources, and the multilingual text, and when conducted reading closer to forms known of the arts and technology problem, including text (poem interactive digital) and found it :
* poetic text (words).
* instrumental music.
* songs (music + hair + performance lyric).
* space chromaticity (the backgrounds of interfaces main and branch, and in the tapes ad animation, the colors of text characters poetic).
* paintings drawn according to the doctrines and schools different art, each of which refers to the system Bouh private.
* Photography technical mouthpiece.
* carvings, statues and murals, which have been used with different materials in origin (wood, ceramics, bronze, etc.), which are attributed to artists from different nationalities and cultures, schools, and schools of art.
* Engineering iconic including available upon the potential of advanced technology in the digital culture that has become characteristic present era, and in line poetic with each تمظهرات arts participation in the body of the poem interactive digital.
* It is no secret that the engineering capability of digital technology is relied upon in no fabric body poetic to be submitted this new format, which means the predominance of digital culture – in terms of the mechanism Showing reveal poetic – the proportion of the presence of those components of art in interactive text with the receiver, for an important reason is that the interactive were not guaranteed to not relay selections iconic according to expectations emotion resulting from the receipt, where the horizon of expectation peak capacity, which increases the task of the poet / Nas difficult, and where the initiative receiving ideas and obsessions pay for perceived mechanical receive via movements appearance and disappearance of technical functions suggestive, and here lies the magic of digital technology.
* It is no secret that the element of choice – with regard to the process of receiving the text partially or completely – is itself the target of criticism required his presence, they should be dealing with an accurate value of reckoning.
and here is the important question: What desired cash curriculum specifications to meet the need in front of such a text? , Or let us say: What the bases and mechanisms required of cash so fluent dialogue with such texts?, It’s a question – or tell a number of questions – of difficulty so that leaves us puzzled and surprised no less for حجمهما after receiving this poem the same, Criticism, which does not stand level One of the literature that interviewer, it will be in cash impotent no doubt, and through meditation and found that the Monetary Integrative – with what I kept on calling and steps approach – can not meet the appeal because of its determination to deal with texts of different specifications, but written texts only, it is reserved for texts woven of words only, while the cultural criticism is Isothermal well with parts of the poem interactive digital actress of the cultures of artistic variety, the better to monitor any cultural practice has been employed, and able to returned to their origin to get to know their meanings and concepts phones, a cash open not on the diversity of cultures only but the diversity of the arts, but – as is applied – not fit for dialogue with the art of engineering, digital and governed by the appearance and disappearance of the manifestations of the arts known in advance, with a note that the art of engineering digital in this case bears responsibility as the largest in the cases of success and failure in terms of the fundamentals technically not from in terms of performance, as long as the other arts have proven to be successful in terms of the established art has achieved spread across the audience wide extending horizontally and vertically.
What I want to offer here confronted with a poem interactive digital is the so-called – based on the requirements of the updated text – Label: (cultural criticism digital) in response to the evolution of the art form of the poem poetic Arabic with the beginning of the third millennium, and to keep up with the cash Arab does not leave a gap, does not show a deficit, taking into account the fact that this criticism digital cultural does not cancel its predecessors of the curriculum cash, and rises above it, only that it meets the new situation reached by the Arabic poem, albeit in a manner experimentation, to the criticism on the basis of the following:
* dialogue consciously expert art of engineering and digital technologies that have become pervasive and accessible to everyone.
* Availability on stock of cash cultural lets deal with the arts diverse participation in the weave poem digital Interactive, including matching of cash that is done when conducting walk in the orbit of revealing the poetic, the most important element in this text is the problem.
* Availability to understand the qualitative and quantitative concept of (interactive), which emerged with the rise of modern means of communication with advanced technologies, as well as science communication , and accompanied by the Humanities (such as science linguistics, psychology, sociology, etc.).
* estimate ranges of the success or failure of the (interactive), according to specific manifestations being monitored, taking into account the fact that interactive should be continuous throughout the poem in order to be successful, and that interrupted for one reason or another – with the large number of possible reasons for the interruption of the multiplicity of influences participation in their tissues, and because the contiguity needs what he needs from the harmony and consistency is not Hina reached – hurts so successful.
* expansion of the concept (text), to include everything that has the ability to influence in the recipient artistically, and raises the emotions certain by revealing the consignee.
* Make technical performance engineering digital display and formatting, the most important part in the analysis of the poetic text, and directed naturally important to monetize that text.
* Understand the system of relations between color and sound and the floor – print and voting – from the one hand, and between them and the technical performance of technical digital on the other hand, make money on according to mechanisms that allow disclosure of these relationships, and show the extent of maturity of the principle of interaction between الباث and receiver.
* Adopting the principle of interactive benefit from the overall humanities and technology that enabled the man of the third millennium of it, Valtvaalih is obtained mixture harmonic techniques electronic available upon communication devices, and levels of speech variety has the desired effect, and readings quality and quantity of minutes in psychology and sociology, as is customary in the construction of discourse knowledge through modern means of communication, and this is what makes the poem interactive digital effective and required and scattered as Hassan, who is himself what makes cultural criticism digital responsive to our needs in the detection and lighting the secrets of this poetic text, based on a general basis that the no poem without criticism, and not a poem without a poet, but what needs to be recognized here – in my opinion – is The challenge cash still exists, in time became a poem speech cognitively, and made ​​the Arabic poem until this bold step contemporary, but we must approach in cultural criticism digital, or else achieve the goals, as long as has emerged from poets give us a poem interactive digital and the rest – in the context of that – a vital literature and criticism العربيين present in the cultural landscape of the world including the two already and leadership in thought and performance.
‘s need era to the forms and contents of the lattice is a new urgent need is undeniable, while retaining the right to communicate poetic via techniques above those who do not like This newcomer, and may be digital journalism better circulation of literature and criticism in this way, has a communication range digital between human beings stop being with him trading cash (digital) reaches the (Literature interactive digital) through (Blogs Digital), is not confined presented on the screen Blue necessarily Let us see trading (digital books), more sophisticated display techniques are currently being prepared to be put in digital markets soon …. It is a comprehensive culture should be linked to the living reality, in order to identify them well, as well as to benefit from its data.
door for cultural